Copic! Copic!! Copic!!!

I’m offering some regular Copic tips and techniques here on my blog so if you’re starting out with Copics or just hungry for more details – make sure you regularly check out my blog and facebook pages…

First lesson is an introduction to the Copic numbering system, and will be posted here on Wednesday….  “Words to the Wise Wednesday!”  please have an idea for a better name!! and post any suggestions here or email me at

I’m currently offering various classes including the official Copic Certification Class which is offered and recognised around the world, so whether you do my class, a class in Italy, America or Australia it is the same class.  The Copic Certification class covers –

  • Three common mistakes and how to identify, test and use your materials
  • Four blending techniques
  • How to create texture and erase mistakes
  • The Copic numbering system
  • How to choose colours that work well together from the Copic Colour Wheel
  • Airbrushing with both the ABS-1 and the air compressor

This class will be offered in Berkshire on Thursday 7 September and Friday 24 November 2017.

Hope to see you back here on Wednesday!

Happy Colouring,

Wendy x


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