Copic Numbering System

All the Copic Alcohol markers have been created with colour codes to help you choose which colours to use together, and the coding is really simple to understand.  Firstly if you have the Copic Sketch Markers or Original Copic Markers the colour codes are found on the lids of the markers as shown above, but if you have the Copic Ciao markers the code is found on the barrel of the marker.

The code will begin with a letter/s and this refers to the colour hue:- ie

Y = Yellow

RV = Red Violet

E = Earth (browns)


There are four different grey families and these are:

C = Cool

N = Neutral

T = Tonal

W = Warm

We will be talking more about the different greys on a future class.

The second digit is a number and this refers to the intensity of the hue (the higher the number the more grey it has in it).  For example look at the B family (Blue) the colours which begin with B0… are brighter, and the family which commence with B9… are more muted.

Most of the colour codes have just three digits and the third digit (second number) ie B00, B02, B05,  B91, B95, B99 .  The third digit refers to the colour value  how light or dark a colour is within the family…   I hope the picture below illustrates this for you?

I’ve attached a Copic Colour Wheel for your use.

More on Copic colouring codes and which colours work best together will follow soon.  I hope you have found this useful, and look forward to any comments!

Happy Colouring,




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