Feathering Technique

There are lots of different mediums that you can use with Copics and lots of different colouring techniques. Today I want to tell you about the Feathering Technique, which works great for flowers, clothing etc.  It is a method where you can blend two different colour families together, but works best for light colours where the colour value is 2 or less ie G02, YG41, RV000, V20 etc…

To feather you use a flicking motion, I have used G00 and V91,  as shown below:-


Box 1 shows flicks of G00 starting on the left of box going towards the centre.

Box 2 I have added flicks of V91 starting on the right going towards/over centre.

Box 3 I have added several layered of G00 and V91, and look how much brighter and blended it is.  Basically keep going until you are happy with the result!!

I hope you have fun trying out this technique.  This is the technique I used on my dogwood cards.

Happy colouring,

Wendy x



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